Four Points By Gerling Helps Brave Defeat Bears

Brave vs Bears
Brave vs Bears

CANBERRA – Trevor Gerling tallied 4 points and Matthew Harvey tallied 2 points helped as the CBR Brave won over the Sydney Bears 4-2 at the Phillip Swimming & Ice Skating Centre on Saturday evening.

Trevor Gerling scored 1 goal and got 3 assists for 4 points, while Matthew Harvey and Joseph Hughes scored 1 goals and got 1 assist for 2 points each.

CBR Brave coach Rob Starke was happy with the performance of his team.

“Our imports played extremely well, our locals played solid and I think as a collective group, we really won as a team tonight, which shows our depth, because we’re still missing a lot of key players.”

Starke was also pleased with the AIHL debut of import goalie Mat Hewitt.

“Hewy played terrific. He was in the zone. Adjusting to this rink, adjusting to this league, to come in that hot is a huge, huge boost for our team and I think he’ll be red hot for us all the way.”

Anthony Barnes and Michael Haynes scored the goals for the Bears.

Bears coach Ron Kuprowsky was philosophical in his review of the game.

“A couple goal posts made the difference. That’s the way it is, it bounces one way this week and hopefully it bounces back the other way next time you know.”

Hewitt made 29 saves on 31 shots, for a Save Percentage of 0.935. Aston Brookes was the losing goalie for Sydney Bears, making 19 saves on 22 shots, for a Save Percentage of 0.864.