Oslanski Gets Three Points As Thunder Defeat Bears

Bears vs Thunder
Bears vs Thunder

SYDNEY – Landon Oslanski scored three points and Pier-Olivier Grandmaison earned two points as the Perth Thunder defeated the Sydney Bears 4-3 in a shootout at the Macquarie Ice Rink on Saturday evening.

Oslanski scored a power-play goal at 12:50 of the second period, assisted by Simon Kudla and Grandmaison. Oslanski also picked up two assists for three points.

Grandmaison scored at 14:39 of the second period, assisted by Benjamin Breault and Oslanski. With the assist on the Oslanski goal, Grandmaison had two points for the game.

Charles Adams scored the game tying goal for the Bears, at 1:10 of the 3rd, assisted by Ryan Annesley and Brian Funes. Graeme Strukoff scored one goal and one assist for two points.

Peter Di Salvo was the winning goalie for Perth Thunder, making 37 saves on 40 shots, for a Save Percentage of 0.925. Anthony Kimlin was the losing goalie for Sydney Bears, making 33 saves on 36 shots, for a Save Percentage of 0.917.