Banga Gets Two Points As Northstars Beat Ice Dogs

Ice Dogs vs Northstars
Ice Dogs vs Northstars

SYDNEY – Sammy Banga scored two points and Richard Tesarik’s goal helped as the Newcastle Northstars defeated the Sydney Ice Dogs 3-2 in a shootout at the Macquarie Ice Rink on Friday night.

Sammy Banga scored at 1:40 of the second period, assisted by Robert Malloy and Joseph Harcharik. Richard Tesarik scored the game tying goal at 5:09 of the 3rd, assisted by Robert Haselhurst and Banga.

Geordie Wudrick and David Dunwoodie scored one goal and one assist for two points each for the Ice Dogs.

Charles Smart was the winning goalie for Newcastle Northstars, making 18 saves on 20 shots, for a Save Percentage of 0.900. Nicholas Mizen was the losing goalie for Sydney Ice Dogs, making 27 saves on 29 shots, for a Save Percentage of 0.931.