Gauthier’s Hat Trick Help Bears Beat Adrenaline

SYDNEY – Danick Gauthier scored a hat trick and Adam Dauda scored two goals as the Sydney Bears defeated the Adelaide Adrenaline 6-4 at the Macquarie Ice Rink on Sunday evening.

Gauthier’s first goal came at 12:54 of the first period unassisted. Gauthier scored his second goal at 9:59 of the second period, also unassisted. The third goal for Gauthier was scored at 7:23 of the second period, with Jake Ratcliffe and Ryan Annesley picking up the assists.

The first goal for Dauda, a power play goal, was scored at 1:21 of the second period, with Kyllian Guyenet and Jake Ratcliffe picking up the assists. Dauda’s second goal came at 1:34 of the third period, with Danick Gauthier picking up the assist.

Timothy Newmark scored the game winning goal at 15:20 of the 3rd, assisted by Thomas Steven and Jeremy Brücker.

Jake Riley scored one goal and one assist for two points, while Jake Ratcliffe got two assists for two points.

Alexandre Gauthier scored at 17:27 of the third period, assisted by Steve Best and Ales Kratoska.  Gauthier also picked up one assist for two points.

Steve Best and Ales Kratoska got two assists for two points.

Aston Brookes was the winning goalie for Sydney Bears, making 23 saves on 27 shots, for a Save Percentage of 0.852.  Glen Forbes-White was the losing goalie for Adelaide Adrenaline, making 37 saves on 43 shots, for a Save Percentage of 0.860.