Gauthier’s Two Help Bears Defeat Mustangs

MELBOURNE – Two goals to Alexander Gauthier and three points to Kenshin Hayashi helped the Sydney Bears win over the Melbourne Mustangs 7-4 at the O’Brien Icehouse on Saturday evening.

Gauthier scored his first goal, a power play goal, at 9:14 of the first period, with Alexander Wardlaw and Kenshin Hayashi picking up the assists. The second goal for Gauthier was scored at 9:04 of the third period, with Thomas Moncrieff and Noah Moncrieff picking up the assists.

Kenshin Hayashi scored a short handed goal at 7:26 of the second period, assisted by Tomas Landa.  Hayashi also got two assists for three points.

Alexander Wardlaw scored one goal and one assist for two points, and Tomas Landa got three assists for three points.  Tyerell Clare scored the game winning goal at 10:44 of the 2nd, assisted by Noah Moncrieff.

Vadim Virjassov and Sean Jones scored one goal and one assist each for two points each for the Mustangs.

Jesse Thompson scored one goal and one assist for two points.

Glen Forbes-White was the winning goalie for Sydney Bears, making 32 saves on 36 shots, for a Save Percentage of 0.889.  Sebastian Woodlands was the losing goalie for Melbourne Mustangs, making 28 saves on 35 shots, for a Save Percentage of 0.800.