This site aims to present statistical information about the AIHL in a reporting format.  Information contained within the database is taken directly form the game sheets from the AIHL web site.

It only covers regular season games – no finals or no exhibition games.

Games deemed “double points” games (last played in June, 2010) are counted as a single game – players do not get 2x the goals, goalies do not get 2x the saves.

Divergence from AIHL

The AIHL is run by a dedicated and passionate group of volunteers.  While best efforts are made to produce accurate and timely information, sometimes this does not make it all the way through to the official game reports on the AIHL web site.  For example:

In the June 14, 2014 game between the Melbourne Ice and the Newcastle North Stars, Jeff Smith gets a penalty at 0:56 of the third period for roughing.  At 0:36 (20 seconds later), he gets a holding penalty.  In between, no goal was scored.  This should not be possible, and is in fact incorrect – Lliam Webster was the recipient of the holding penalty, not Jeff Smith.  This is an example where an event was recorded incorrectly on the game sheet, or incorrectly entered into the web site.  In this scenario, video footage of the game exists, allowing for a correction to my statistics database to be made.

Not so easy to solve is a technical issue with some game sheets dating up to 2011.  For some reason, players’ names are missing from the game sheet in particular areas – specifically in shootout listings and occasionally from penalty information.  This makes gathering detailed statistics from the 2011 season and earlier difficult to the point of impossible.  As such, my database has detailed statistics from the 2012 season onwards, with summary statistics taken beforehand.

This is by no means an attack on the people who have volunteered their time and expertise to the League during these times.  Mistakes do happen, and across all of the games played there are very few mistakes.  However, these scenarios introduce divergences from the official AIHL statistics (for example, Jeff Smith now have 2 more penalty minutes than he should have, and Lliam Webster 2 minutes less).

Another area of divergence introduced by this site is the calculation goals scored. The AIHL uses the final score to determine the goals scored – which includes those scored in a shootout. This site chooses not to include shootout goals, as shootout goals are not scored during play. This means there is a difference between the goals scored according the AIHL web site and what is shown here. This is nothing more than a philosophical decision, but I believe this introduces more accurate statistics.